Quick Flat Twist Out with Miss Jessies Products


Here’s my latest how-to video, where I show you a down and dirty flat twist out. Now this is not meant to go outside ladies! That’s why I call it “down and dirty”. Also, this is one of the few …

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Twist out maintenance | Twist out natural hair


I liked the way this looked so much I made it my Fan page pic for a couple of months. I think this was day 3…

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How to Do a Natural Hair Twist Out


So now that you have twisted your hair and let the two strand twists or flat twists set for some hours or a couple of days (depending on how you set them). It’s time to get that defined look with …

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Flat Twist Hairstyles with Individual Two Strand Twists


Now that I’ve gotten a hang of the finger styling “wash and go” I decided to focus on hair growth and health in 2011. Through research and experience I’ve found that the search for the perfect defined curl is a …

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