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Natural Hair TipsDo you sit under the dry for twist outs or do u air dry…. and for wash and go’s does all of your hair curl up b/c i have one patch of hair that wont curl….any suggestions.. i have tried KKC it works ok but not that well for twist outs..thx

It depends, 90% of the time I let my twist outs air dry. I only use heat if I’m doing a style in a hurry or have something going on that night. I try to avoid heat as much as possible to prevent heat damage. If you do choose to use heat make sure you use a good heat protector. Grapeseed oil is a great natural source – it’s also a great sealant to coat the hair and lock in moisture that curly hair so desperately needs.

As for wash and go’s, I have the same problem. It’s usually the very front of my hair (the hair line) that is the roughest part that won’t curl and barely hold definition for twist outs too. I also have this small patch to my right that just gets wavy and nothing else. For the front, I just change the part so it’s not showing as much, or use one of the ouchless headbands while my hair is drenched. It seems to imitate a “wave” effect. You can do small twists in that section only (depending on the size of your curls) or manipulate your hair so that part isn’t showing.

Your other option is to try a bentonite clay mask. It’s  really good in restoring curls and it’s a great clarifying treatment too.

You may have to accept that there’s just that part of your hair that’s not curly. Our hair is is very umpredictable and no curls are the same on one head, so it may just be that patch is there to stay.

Let me know how the taming of that “patch” works out. :)



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