Quick Flat Twist Out with Miss Jessies Products

Here’s my latest how-to video, where I show you a down and dirty flat twist out. Now this is not meant to go outside ladies! That’s why I call it “down and dirty”. Also, this is one of the few times my hair is not COMPLETELY drenched when I do my twist out which is why it’s so quick. You’re hair should dry in a few hours.

Another point to this video is that I used cold wave rods on the ends. This is to avoid the stringy look that twist outs can get. You can also do that “twirl” method like from the Miss Jessies video . Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t – so I use my trusty cold wave rods to make my ends looks nice. :) Lightly coating your ends with coconut oil (or any oil of your choice) is great for protection against split ends.  Try to use a little bit of tissue to wrap around the wave rods so your ends don’t snag.

By the way, I used the Stretch Silkening Creme and Baby Buttercreme products from Miss Jessies product line.

And there you have it! Check out my how to video on YouTube if you want to see this technique in action.

Before (click to enlarge) After (click to enlarge)

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