How to Do a Natural Hair Twist Out

So now that you have twisted your hair and let the two strand twists or flat twists set for some hours or a couple of days (depending on how you set them). It’s time to get that defined look with a natural hair twist out.

Start from the back or bottom and work your way to the front or top. Starting from the end of the twist, gently un-do the twist. Do NOT use your fingers to rake it open (as if you had a braid or traditional cornrows in). This may damage your ends – which defeats the purpose of the protective style. Repeat this with each two strand, and be careful not to disturb the twist pattern.

Ways to mess up a good natural hair twist out:

1. Raking through each section too roughly once you’ve untwisted it
2. Tugging on your twist as you’re un-twisting it
3. Adding a wet product to your hair to style it
4. Un-twisting your hair too soon after twisting it (wet or dry)

After separating all of the twist, gently fluff with your hands and you’re done. You can also do a little shake of the head to give it body. If my hair looks dry or I just want to add some sheen, 100% Coconut oil is a great product to use. You can find it at any Whole Foods or Walmart. They may even sell it in the vitamin section of a Walgreens, CVS or Duane Reade. Check out the pics on my Facebook Page.

Some benefits of using 100% Coconut oil on your natural hair twist out:

1. It’s not oily and doesn’t have a strong smell
2. It’s natural
3. It gives your hair a nice shine when used as a finishing product
4. It’s cheap
5. It’s great for re-twisting your hair, if you’re trying to pro-long the style
6. It’s Awesome for treating/preventing split ends! (Go ahead, look it up)

At night, cover your twist-out with a satin cap/bonnet and fluff back out in the morning. To keep your natural hair twist out looking fresh after a few days, dampen and re-twist frizzy or not so defined sections at night and un-twist them in the morning. You can also use great hair accessories to make your twist out pop (see my previous post on flat twists). For visuals check out my YouTube video below:

Here’s an “after” pic:

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