My Blowout Hairstyle to Trim My Ends

Ok, so I finally summoned the courage to actually straighten my hair over the holidays. I was curious to see what my true length was, and get a much-needed trim. My goal was to get a standard Dominican blow out at a salon while I was visiting family in Brooklyn. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a lot of friends or family with curly hair, so I couldn’t get a solid recommendation from anyone on a good place to go.

Why not just go anywhere and get the hair blow out done?? Well for one thing, I’m still gun shy from all the crazy damage that I did to my hair the first 4 years of being natural, so I wasn’t about to just go to anyone to get it done. Two, I had my hair curl type and my thick hair to think about. Not just any blow out would do – I needed someone who had dealt with my type of hair before, and new not to apply to much heat to it. So where did I turn to? Google of course.

I typed in my zip code and the key words “blow out natural hair”, and VOILA! Jessica from Van Sickel Salon in Brooklyn Heights. The 42 online reviews on and an average of 4 1/2 stars really caught my attention. So I did my research and there were quite a few positive blow out reviews from my curly girls that had me intrigued. The price wasn’t bad either – $40 for a wash, blowout and trim.

I am definitely super happy with the results! It was a great end of the year style before I start my series on protective natural hair styles. Check out the pics and let me know what you think!

So here was the process:

1. She first washed and conditioned my hair

2. While my hair was wet, she started from the nape and in small sections used a hair dryer and roller hair brush to do the first part of the blow out.

3. Once my entire head of hair was blown out she proceeded to flat iron my hair section by section.

4. After my hair was completely dry, she trimmed my hair.

What I liked is that she didn’t over-straighten my hair. I never smelled burned hair. As you can see from the pics, it wasn’t completely bone straight, and after I washed it out a couple of weeks later my curls were just as tightly coiled as ever. Another bonus, coming back to Florida on New Year’s Ever, partying and my hair still being straight!


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