Kim Coles Goes Natural!

Yesterday, Afrobella teased us with a forehead shot of a celebrity that has recently gone natural. View full post here. I incorrectly guessed Raven Symone, but to my pleasant surprise it was Kim Coles! You may remember Kim from In Living Color, or my all-time favorite show, Living Single as Synclaire. She now co-hosts the BET show My Black is Beautiful. What’s surprising to me is that she’s actually hasn’t relaxed her hair in 20 years. She just had microbraids and weaves hiding her gorgeous curls.

Another surprise is that her hair isn’t longer. I’m all for protective, resting styles and those two choices can be very good for hair growth if you are in transition. It’s what I did during my year of transition. I hope they interview her again so she can go into greater detail about her hair care tips.

“It’s a personal choice for me. I’m taking the plunge and I’m a little scared…. it was time for a major change. I was sick of being a slave to the box of hair under my bed. It’s about me moving into a field of true self love, and self acceptance.”

I think her hair looks GREAT! And kudos to her for rocking the curls. Kim also made sure to explain that we shouldn’t read into this as anything but a personal decision:

“This is not a political statement, I will try to stay away from debating what is more ‘natural’. I am content with my description for me. Nor will I be pushing others to take the steps that I am taking. I think that you get to choose your kind of beauty. I do however want us all to be honest with ourselves as why we make the choices that we do. All of the choices… not just hair.”

Click here for the full article on Kim’s transition.

Amen sista! One thing that turned me off about some of my curly girls was the straight hating on anything that wasn’t natural. Putting down people because they relax, texlax, use certain productions are wear weaves or extensions is STUPID. We are all beautiful in our own way and hair is a great way to express yourself!

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4 Responses to Kim Coles Goes Natural!

  1. kim coles says:

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for re-posting the article.
    I am having fun with my free hair and I cannot stop touching it. There is just one thing that I want to clear up that I notice a lot of people are commenting on… my length. You seem surprised that my hair is not longer now that is because I simply kept cutting it. I kept a TWA under my braids, to make the braid time shorter since I left the ends out.
    So 2inches of my hair + 20 inches of flowing hair= my old look.
    Hope this helps and you will be hearing more because i am blogging and forming partnerships with companies to communicate more info about heatlh and beauty inside and out
    Thanks and WooWooWoo : )

  2. Curly Girl says:

    OMG! Kim, thanks so much for commenting! :) :)

    I feel you on keeping the hair shorter for braid time. I used to do the same thing for kinky twists – it would take at least 8 hours to do shoulder length, medium sized twists on my big head!

    Your blog is great and I can’t wait to hear more from you on health & beauty.

  3. michelle says:

    I just want to say thank you regarding putting a positive spin on curly hair..The decison to be “me” isn’t always one of support..especially for someone who is bi racial….(sometimes you don’t feel like you fit in either world or you are put into a position to prove yourself even more!)..I transitioned to my curly hair and it is interesting to see the comments..some tell me I love your hair others seem to shy away for it or have negative comments(and that comes from both black and white friends) the end result is be WHO YOU ARE and BE PROUD..God made all of us the way he chose and we should support those that go back to our “original” roots!

    • Curly Girl says:

      Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for commenting.

      I totally agree with you. When it comes to going natural there’s like this “great divide” some people overwhelmingly support, while others are very against it. I don’t think it matters what you do: curly or straight, relaxed or natural, texurized, short or long, weave or not… you should embrace who you are and what you like. I would love to see a pic of your curls if you have any. :)

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