‘I Love My Hair’: A Father’s Tribute To His Daughter

Last month, Sesame Street debuted a new song “I Love My Hair” featuring an nameless young puppet with curly hair proclaiming her love for her hair and how versatile it is.

Joey Mazzarino, the head writer of Sesame Street, wrote the song for his daughter. He and his wife adopted their 5-year-old daughter, Segi, from Ethiopia when she was a year old. Mazzarino says he wrote the song after noticing his daughter playing with dolls. “She wanted to have long blond hair and straight hair, and she wanted to be able to bounce it around.” Mazzarino was worried that this was only an issue with white parents who had black children. He began to realize that the problem was much bigger than that.

Women of color with curly hair, have always faced the stigma that their hair isn’t “pretty”, “professional” or it’s not that “good hair” because of kinks, coils and naps.

After the debut of the song on TV, it was posted on the show’s YouTube page and re-posted all over the web. The video has caused a social media sensation. I actually recorded the song on my phone and play it for my BFF’s 15-month old (who loves it by the way). You can see the video below:

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