My First of Many Miss Jessie’s Reviews

Ok, so my first experience into curly hair products started with Miss Jessie’s hair products – Curly Pudding to be exact. If you’ve read my other posts, you know that I have a serious shrinkage problem and that my hair just sucks up product, so when they Miss Jessie’s introduced the Stretch Silkening Creme, I was over the moon! There are a couple of video tutorials on the official Miss Jessie’s YouTube Page that walk you through fingerstyling. In the video, Titi uses Quick Curls in combination with the Curly Pudding to style her hair.

First of all, Miss Jessie’s marketing materials explicitly says that the Quick Curls product is for the mixed girls. In other words 3b/3c hair (the pretty ringlet curls). In the 3 video tutorials on fingerstying, the models have well defined curls even when their hair has no product in them. I’ve actually tried out Quick Curls before and am not a fan. I didn’t get the definition I wanted, there was a lot of shrinkage and not enough hold. So when I fingerstyle with Miss Jessie’s, I use the Curly Pudding and the Stretch Silkening Creme. What I did in this case was use the full product line again. Step by step instructions on what I do before I apply a styling product are available under My Curly Hair Regimen.

So after I go through the washing, conditioning and treatment, I keep my hair in 4 sections and take a small section of hair in each 1/4 section and rake the Curly Pudding and Stretch Silkening Creme in at the same time (I dip my fingers into both containers and mix them together before I rake it into my hair). Please note, that I am usually in the shower when I’m fingerstyling and that because of my hair behavior and curl pattern, the products worked best when applied to soaked hair. Once my entire head is done, I start scrunching and styling my hair in the direction I want it to dry. Below is a back shot of my hair wet:

Miss Jessie's Reviews

I was actually going to be outside all day, so I decided to let it air dry. As you can see in the picture below, I not only have the curl definition, but I’ve retained the length too!


Even though I did use the full Miss Jessie’s product line for this review, Miss Jessies hair products do play well with others. I’ve used other shampoos/conditioners to and there was no major change in my curly hair style. :) To make this style last, I use the Curly Buttercreme the next day to freshen and stretch out my curls. If there’s a lot of shrinkage, I will bust out my trusty hand dryer with the nozzle and stretch out the curls. You can view good demonstrations of this on Miss Jessie’s official YouTube Page, curlsgalore.

So do Miss Jessie’s hair products last more than a day? Short answer yes! Long answer yes with some manipulation.
1. Make sure to use a satin cap or scarf when going to bed
2. Have some sort of pomade or spritz available in the morning to “freshen up” your hair.

I love the results and I can definitely last up to 3 days after the initial application. Miss Jessie’s will definitely hurt your wallet, but if you can afford it, it is worth it! Below is a picture of my hair 4 days after an initial fingerstyling:

Miss Jessie's Reviews

Here are a couple more videos on fingerstyling:

1. Miss Jessie’s Fingerstyling Video 1
2. Miss Jessie’s Fingerstyling Video 2

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4 Responses to My First of Many Miss Jessie’s Reviews

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  2. meme says:

    If its for MIXED girls why did u use it?

    • Curly Girl says:

      @meme, natural hair is so versatile and unpredictable – and I am pretty open-minded about products, so I thought “give it a try”. You never know what a product will do, unless you try it. In this case it didn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for someone else, who isn’t “mixed” – btw, sorry for my late reply! :)

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